Festival online registration now open; first 50 get a Park Tool 9-piece Multi-Tool

Fat Bike Festival registration Park IB-2 multi tool

Online registration for the Festival is now open (courtesy of IMBA). The Early Bird registration fee is $99, good till January 1, 2013.  After that, the fee is $125 (online or on-site). The first 50 to register by January 1 get a Park Tool I-Beam Mini Fold Up Hex Wrench / Screwdriver / Green Coffee Thermos / Star Driver Set (IB-2), engraved with “Fat Bike Festival 2013.”

The Festival registration fee includes:

  • Friday night registration party
  • Saturday breakfast
  • Race registration
  • Saturday dinner and beverages
  • Swag gift item
  • Donation to grooming district
  • Sunday breakfast

Register here! Register here! Register here! Register here! Register here!

NOTE: If you’re a member of IMBA or www.thecarstarter.com, you can save $10 by logging into your account when you see this in the middle of the registration form:

If you would like to create an account on this site, check the box below and enter a user name. If you already have an account, please login before completing this form.

For the Summit:

The day of the Summit (Friday, Jan. 25) is free for invited land managers. Interested others may attend but we’ll ask for a small donation on-site to help cover costs for meals and beverages. (If you’re a land manager or other official that you think should have been invited, please contact us.)

2 thoughts on “Festival online registration now open; first 50 get a Park Tool 9-piece Multi-Tool

  1. Will there be a race only option? Some of us may be driving up Saturday morning and heading back to JH after the ride. Thanks.

  2. We have intentionally kept the registration amount this low so that those who are not able to come for the entire weekend will still be able to come race. The biggest cost of the weekend is the race element which includes a donation to the snowmobile grooming association. There is no profit coming out of the event – all proceeds are being used to further develop Fat Bike access locally and around the Country. When you consider the cost of other mountain bike events of this distance, $99 is a great price. Of course we’d rather you come for the whole weekend and whoop it up with the rest of us!

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