45Nrth is a winter cycling company and a 65mm Sponsor

 Stephen Vitvitsky, John Gaddo and David Gabrys  SONY DSC

I briefly met 45Nrth manager David Gabrys (on the right in the photo above with Stephen Vitvitsky and QBP’s John Gaddo) in December at the Winter Bike Expo in Minneapolis where they had a big presence along with the other QBP brands. As a 65mm Sponsor of the Fat Bike WINTER Summit and Festival, their products are, um, more than a little relevant. Their tagline: Unparalleled cold weather performance.  From their About page:

45NRTH45North is a winter cycling company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the average winter temperature is 13° Fahrenheit . We make products that provide the ultimate in comfort and control for the cold weather cyclist. Think hands, feet and traction.

We ride our bikes in the winter — a lot. Every product we make is a reflection of our knowledge and experience riding countless miles in extreme cold.

At work in the morning, our bikes hang in a row next to each other, with melting snow and ice dripping in trays below them. We obsess about insulation, wind-blocking, fatbike tires and the pros and cons of tire studs. Then we ride home again and hang our sweat soaked clothes on the handlebar to dry out for tomorrow’s ride.

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