Use BikeFlights to ship your fat bike to the Summit

Bike FlightsWe’re pleased to have BikeFlights (“Travel Services For You – And Your Bike”) as one of our 65mm Sponsors, especially since they can help get more of you to attend with your own Fat Bikes.


We asked BikeFlights owner William Alcorn for shipping advice. He wrote:

I always suggest when shipping to a remote, weekend event such as the Fat Bike Summit & Festival, to set the delivery date to the Thursday before, in this case, January 24th. That will give one-day padding should winter weather delay transit.

Other than that, the only case I know that will hold a Fat Bike is a Triall3 Velo Case II. I am interested in seeing what folks ship in it, as the case world has not really addressed Fat Bikes yet.

And be sure check out our new badass stainless growlers, which we call ‘Braulers.’ You may see one or more at the Summit as prizes.

BikeFlights growler, the Brauler

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