Revelate Designs, a 65mm Sponsor, will have bag prizes and more at the Festival

Eric Parsons - Revelate Designs   Revelate Designs
Eric Parsons at Revelate Designs just posted this to their Facebook Wall:

We are psyched to be a sponsor of the Fat bike Summit happening in Idaho in 2 weeks. There will be some sweet bag prizes and a few demo’s to try out. Gas up and get over there for it!

Winter fat bike - Eric Parsons - Revelate DesignsThe photo of the fat bike on the right in the picture that looks like it could use a thermos of green coffee? It’s on their Facebook page here with this little quip from Eric:

5 below, clear skies, full moon. perfect!

So far, that has generated 337 likes, 133 shares, and 38 comments. It seems Eric and his company have a lot of rabid fans.

From the Revelate Designs home page:

On this site you’ll find gear that can be used for rackless lightweight touring, bikepacking, distance road biking, expedition touring, winter riding / racing and everything in between. The benefits include improved bike handling and weight distribution and less weight on your back.

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