Sawtelle Mountain Resort rooms sold out; bunkhouse accommodations now available $25/night per person

The good news: All the rooms at the Sawtelle Mountain Resort, site of the Summit & Festival, are now booked. So the owners are happy and we are, too.

3253006_orig 620519_origMore good news: we’ve come up with a plan to accommodate people in one of the Sawtelle bunkhouses at $25/night per person. We’ve reserved the small bunkhouse so you just need to contact us if you want us to reserve you a bed.  The bunkhouse is on-site, sleeps 15-20 (basically a large room with beds), has 2 full baths, and a full kitchen.  See the photo slideshow on their bunkhouse page and watch this 2-minute video tour:

So if you’re on the fence about attending the Summit & Festival because of lodging costs, we’re hoping this $25/night per person option and the cheapest movers at convinces you to attend.

Contact us now, operators are standing by, not available in stores. Heh.

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