Frequently Asked Questions

Will demo bikes be available?

We will have demo bikes available all weekend and they are included in the price of registration.  First-come, first served.

Can a demo bike be ridden in one of the races?

Yes, but, we will be charging an additional $25 per bike if you are looking to use it in the race. Reservations are required. Contact us.

Can anyone attend the sessions on day of the Land Manager Summit, Friday, Jan. 25?

The Summit is primarily for invited land managers but interested others may attend. If you are a paying festival participant ($99), the Land Manager Summit is free with an email RSVP ahead of time.  If you are just coming for Friday’s portion of the weekend there is a $15 charge to help us cover costs.  Either way lunch will be provided.

Is there a separate fee to race or additional race registration forms beyond the Festival registration?

The Festival registration fee includes the race. There are no additional online forms to fill out for racers. We’ll have those on-site.

Will there be an aid station or water on the race courses?

There will be an aid station with water mid-way on the 60K course.

What would you to say to some friendly StomparillaZ coming to the Summit from Colorado and building a snow cave to stay in on site? Any big snowbanks around there that you know of? We can build a kicker over it if there’s enough snow.

We would love to have such a friendly Colorado Stomparillaz join us and the rest of your friends at the Festival. As far as snow banks, we would hate to see them push snow in front of your entrance and not see you till spring. Needless to say we bet a guy like you can carve a nook somewhere to stay. There are a few rooms at the Sawtelle Resort and others in the area available. We are not going to stop you from having fun in the snow, even if it is building a snow cave with a kicker. You might even be able to rent out floor space if you make it big enough.