This page is a work in progress. When we have all the details finalized, we’ll update the blog. Last updated: 10:00 am CST, 12/7/12:

Races Start/Finish: 2 miles east of the Sawtelle Mountain Resort (site of the Fat Bike Summit & Festival) on N Big Springs Road. (See this live Google map.)

The Rippin’ 60K, Saturday Jan. 26, 2013, 8 am start time, Black Canyon Loop Trail

Rippin 60K course,  Fat Bike Summit Festival 2013Description: The 60K route (Garmen link) will take you along the valley floor leading you into the foothills and border of Yellowstone National Park. Gradually climbing your way though a forest will gain the ridge that acts as the Idaho/Montana border and the Continental Divide Trail. As you are rolling just below the ridge, the views looking down to the Festival venue and across the valley to Sawtell Peak will give you a sense of what Island Park has to offer. After traversing a bit, you will be welcomed with a long downhill leading you back to the valley floor. There will be an aid station with water mid-way on the 60K course.

The Chillin’ 25K, Saturday Jan. 26, 2013, 9 am start time, Black Canyon Loop Trail

Chillin' 25K Fat Bike Summit Festival 2013Description: The 25K route (Garmen link) will start at the same spot as the Rippin 60K but will make an early left hand turn onto a tree-lined straightaway. As you pass a left hand turn, which you will take upon your return, you will continue straight as it leads you uphill where you will top out at a warming hut. At this point you will about-face and descend back down and take the right hand turn you previously passed. This connector trail becomes a bit more narrow until you make the left onto the valley floor. At this point, you’ll almost be at the finish with a more open-sky feeling before the final turn.

Race rules and regulations:

  • You must wear a helmet
  • Yield to ALL other traffic
  • Stay on right side of the trail
  • Your bike must have front (white) and rear (red) lights

See the Winter Fat Bike Riding Etiquette Guidelines for more.

You may be wondering: What’s with the names Rippin’ and Chillin’? In good style and appropriate attitude, the names have come from these guys (owned by Jay Petervary):

Rippin and Chillin