All events will take place at the Sawtelle Mountain Resort.

Summit: Friday, January 25, 2013
Information day aimed at land managers and key decision makers. The day will include  seminars on fat bike impacts on groomed trail systems, reports on pilot programs for fat bikes, and other fat bike access issues.  In addition, representatives from Grand Targhee Resort, the first ski resort in the country to promote fat biking on their Nordic trails system, will be present to discuss how fat biking fits in with their winter business plan. (See the Grand Targhee Winter Snow Mountain Biking page.)

The day’s meetings will be followed by demo rides so stakeholders can experience travel on a fat bike. Hosted by nationally-recognized fat bike experts, Jay and Tracey Petervary.

Update: Jan. 24

Fat Bike Summit 2013 Agenda - Friday

See this PDF of the Summit schedule aimed at land managers and key decision makers.

Remainder of Friday’s schedule:

  • 2:30: Riding
  • 5:00: Socializing, racer pack pick-up
  • 6:00: Dinner
  • 7:00: Slideshow by Jay & Tracey Petervary. Overview of Saturday’s 25K and 60K races by Jay

Festival: Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tentative schedule:

  • 7:00: Breakfast
  • 7:40: Mandatory Racer Meeting for both 25K and 60K: course signage, brief course description, and etiquette discussion
  • 8:00: 60K Race Start
  • 9:00: 25K Race Start
  • 9:00: Expo Open; Bike Demos
  • Noon: Lunch – on your own
  • 1:00: Expo Open; Bike Demos
  • 3:30: Fat Bike Clinic with Jay and Tracey Petervary & Joe Meiser
  • 5:00: Socializing; Awards Ceremony
  • 6:00: Dinner
  • 7:00: Party

Festival: Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tentative schedule:

  • 8:00: Breakfast; Advocacy Roundtable
  • 9:30: Expo Open; Bike Demos
  • 9:30: Women-Only Group Ride
  • 9:30: Mixed Group Ride
  • 1:00: Depart