The state of the fat bike industry and fat bike access: Presentations to land managers at the Summit

Fat Bike Summit 2013 Agenda - FridayJoe Meiser and Gary SjoquistAt Friday’s Summit for land managers (agenda), Gary Sjoquist, Director of Advocacy for QBP, and Scott Fitzgerald, from Fitzgerald’s Bicycles in Victor, ID, presented on the State of Fat Bike Access. And Joe Meiser, Product Design Manager for QBP presented on the State of the Fat Bike Industry.

Here are their Powerpoint presentations and below them, some photos from the morning sessions and the afternoon fat bike demo rides with land managers.


Team Fat Bike Summit fattens up

Fat Bike Summit planningScott Fitzgerald, owner of Fitzgerald’s Bicycles, sent me this photo he took tonight of the on-site Fat Bike Summit team but he provided no details other than ‘planning.’ I’d argue that ‘fattening’ would be a better description.

L to R: Tim Young, Executive Director, Wyoming Pathways; Jason Boucher, General Manager, Salsa Cycles; Seth Nesselhuf, A.C.E Director, QBP; unidentified person; Jason Gaikowski, Director of Sales and Marketing, QBP; Joe Meiser, Product Design Manager, QBP; Tracy Petervary and Jay Petervary, nationally-recognized fat bike experts; Gary Sjoquist, Advocacy Director, QBP.

45Nrth is a winter cycling company and a 65mm Sponsor

 Stephen Vitvitsky, John Gaddo and David Gabrys  SONY DSC

I briefly met 45Nrth manager David Gabrys (on the right in the photo above with Stephen Vitvitsky and QBP’s John Gaddo) in December at the Winter Bike Expo in Minneapolis where they had a big presence along with the other QBP brands. As a 65mm Sponsor of the Fat Bike WINTER Summit and Festival, their products are, um, more than a little relevant. Their tagline: Unparalleled cold weather performance.  From their About page:

45NRTH45North is a winter cycling company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the average winter temperature is 13° Fahrenheit . We make products that provide the ultimate in comfort and control for the cold weather cyclist. Think hands, feet and traction.

We ride our bikes in the winter — a lot. Every product we make is a reflection of our knowledge and experience riding countless miles in extreme cold.

At work in the morning, our bikes hang in a row next to each other, with melting snow and ice dripping in trays below them. We obsess about insulation, wind-blocking, fatbike tires and the pros and cons of tire studs. Then we ride home again and hang our sweat soaked clothes on the handlebar to dry out for tomorrow’s ride.

Photos from 2012 Summit; new photo banners

Joe Meiser, Product Design Manager at QBP (Quality Bicycle Products), attended last year’s Summit and took a bunch of photos that he’s given us to use on the site. See his album on the Photo album 2012 page.

I took several of Joe’s photos, plus a couple from Tim Young, Executive Director of Wyoming Pathways in Wilson, WY, and made some photo banners that display randomly at the top of the site. Thanks, gents!

Our new video: ‘What’s up with Fat Bikes’

Some of the money donated by QBP for the 1st Fat Annual Bike Summit (see our History page for more on that) was used to hire Jake Hawkes at Gravnetic to produce a Fat Bike video. It’s now done, with help from Dave Byers, Andy Williams, Ray Spencer, Jay Petervary, and Scott Fitzgerald:

See four other videos on our Fat Biking in Winter video page.

The planning summit for the Fat Bike Summit over a bottle of Summit

Scott Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald’s Bicycles) and his whole fam damily flew into the Twin Cities on Saturday, on their way to points south. We used the occasion for a little face-to-face Fat Bike Summit & Festival planning since both Gary Sqoquist (QBP) and I live in this wonderful but currently dreary and snowless state, home of many fine local beers including Summit.

I got the two of them to put on their PR hats in the parking lot as we were about to depart. The result? A one-minute clip of marginal quality with a promise at the end: